Free website translation  Auditory training doesn't have to be expensive to be effective. Now you can do auditory training in the comfort and convenience of your own home. No traveling, no schedule conflicts, it's easy and affordable. High quality auditory training without the high price.  Richard E. Layton, M.D. practices specialized pediatrics, allergy and preventative medicine. Dr. Layton has discovered that allergies are the underlying cause of a wide variety of medical problems in adults and children of all ages. With more than 30 years experience in pediatrics and integrated medicine, Dr. Layton has achieved recognition for his successful treatment of children from across the United States with learning, behavior, and developmental problems caused by allergies.  The Developmental Delay Resources is a nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of those working with children who have developmental delays in sensory motor, language, social, and emotional areas. DDR provides a network for parents and professionals and current information after the diagnosis to support children with special needs.  Don Campbell is a recognized authority on the transformative power of music, listening, and The Mozart Effect.® In Campbell's unique view, music is not only a rich and rewarding aesthetic experience but an easily accessible bridge to a more creative, intelligent, healthy, and joy-filled life. The Listening Centre has two locations in Canada, one in Toronto and one in Montreal. It is under the direction of Paul Madaule. Paul came from France to Canada in 1978 to help establish the Tomatis Method in North America. A director of The Listening Centre since its inception, Paul also helped create a dozen of other centers throughout the US and Mexico. He is the author of "When Listening Comes Alive" (1993).  The mission of Leap Ahead is to improve the lives of individuals with autism and their families through innovative educational programs. Their programs are specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of their clients to assure they reach their highest potential of independence within their lives.