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Recovery from Autism Story

Watch Sharon's segment on the Today Show with Katie Couric which aired May 5, 2003.
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Watch Sharon and Ashley's segment on SOAP TALK (with hosts Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway) which aired Monday, April 10, 2006 and Friday, July 21, 2006 where they discuss Ashley's recovery from autism using auditory training with Mozart and Sharon's book "Awakening Ashley: Mozart Knocks Autism in its Ear", the story of Ashley's triumph over autism.


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Are they hypersensitive to various sounds holding their ears to protect themselves from the pain of these sounds?

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Recovering from autism was possible for one little girl. All she needed was help from a  musical genius -- MOZART!



Awakening Ashley

Mozart Knocks Autism on its Ear

At 18-months, Ashley still didn't talk. When she wouldn’t turn around when her name was called, her hearing came into question. She fixated on small pieces of dirt and only ate a diet of crunchy foods. She wrapped herself up in a thick fog—impenetrable to everyone, except for Barney the Dinosaur. She worked puzzles like a kindergartner and was computer savvy before she was 2 years old. Late-night searches on the Internet hinted at a reason.
A neurodevelopmental specialist confirmed it. AUTISM—a communication and social interaction disorder—a diagnosis that shook the foundation of a family and shattered a mother’s world.

Ashley could hear. But she couldn’t listen. A therapy to retrain her ears to perceive sound better took her back to the time in the womb—where listening begins. With the help of Mozart, Ashley was awakened! Her brain’s desire to communicate was kindled, fostering a connection with her body, her family, and the world around her. Ashley had recovered!

But how could Sharon Ruben, a clinical researcher in her own right, convince the skeptics without clinical trial data to prove its effectiveness? She didn’t need data. She had Ashley— all the proof she needed!

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"Awakening Ashley" Book



"This book needs to go out to everybody…absolutely everybody! It is HUGE!"

--Lisa Rinna
Hollywood Personality and TV Actress

"Listen up! This remarkable story is for every person with a child waiting to be awakened to language and communication."

--Don Campbell --Author of The Mozart Effect for Children







“Editor’s Choice, “Reader’s Choice and now “STAR” Book, the highest honor from the publisher!

New Chapter

“Watching Ashley Grow”

Learn More about Ashley's Life
after her recovery from Autism.
She's just a normal kid now…but in the "Gifted Program"!

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